Guys, I want your opinion :) 

Which editing style you like better ? Tell me, I really want to know :) 

Number 1 is more pastel like and softer 

Number 2 is colorful and bright 

And this is the end of summer pic spam :) It was fun though, I loved taking the pictures :) 

I’ll take a little break and then we get to see what happened on Doras and Matthews date :)

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  3. titosims said: I love them both but I guess the second one a little more.
  4. depictingdrew said: I prefer the second! ^_^
  5. skyburned said: Number 1 because the shadows show off the pretty detail, but I think a different color filter might work better. Their skin looks a bit bluish. It’s a great shot!
  6. sackgirl102 said: I thought no.2 then there’s something about no.1 that draws you in. Looks like a 50’s summer, the other one is brighter but tends to distract your from all the little detail that is going on in that pic. But no.2 looks sunny. And it is summer pic…
  7. sim-it-up said: the seconddd :D
  8. ebbyashia said: I really like the first one, it’s so soft. The second one is a bit too bright I think.
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